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Carlsbad CaliforniaWe Love Carlsbad
Lisa and I are THRILLED to have the privilege to serve all the wonderful folks here in Carlsbad. I have lived in North County for over 34 years - most of that time in this unique and beautiful city. We have so much to be proud of. Carlsbad is flourishing while many other cities continue to have difficulties financially. We have our own police department and fire department which has always made our city stand out from its good neighbors. But as we all know, it's not money that makes Carlsbad special, it's the people. Every day Lisa and I meet the nicest folks in the world. We laugh, talk politics, kid each other and generally have a good old time.

To the thousands of wonderful folks that have stopped by to lend your support - we thank you, and understand how lucky we are to have the only gun store in this amazing city.

Thank you for your patronage,

Gregg & Lisa Gunther


I'm so proud of my son Carson. He graduated from the police explorer academy at UCSD this week. He, along with over 100 other young men and women from all across California endured many hours of non-stop physical and academic training. All Carson dreams of is one day becoming a Carlsbad police officer. It is a noble occupation and he could not choose a finer city to work in. Special thanks to all the dedicated Carlsbad police officers that take part in the Explorer Program. In case you're wondering - that gentleman on the right with the warm smile is a Carlsbad police drill instructor. He takes boys and turns them into men!
Harry Gunther with Sheriff Bill Gore

Carlsbad Fire Department pulled into the parking lot one day. Lisa looked out her office window and exclaimed: "My firemen are here!" Then she fixed her hair and makeup and went out to the shop to greet them. I'm still waiting for Lisa to get that excited when I walk into the room. :-)

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