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Gunther Guns offers custom front and rear sight installation for almost all semi automatic handguns including Glock, Sig Sauer, Kimber, Beretta, Smith & Wesson, Heckler Koch and many more.

We specialize in removing Springfield XD and Springfield XDS sights.

Springfield front and rear sights are notoriously difficult to remove. They are heated and then hydraulically pressed in at the factory. If you do not have the proper equipment and skills, you run the risk of severely damaging your slide and dovetail when attempting to remove the sights on a Springfield XD or XDS.

We've all seen YouTube videos of people bashing out the sights of their handguns with a hammer and bar. This is obviously not the proper way to remove or install expensive sights on your favorite handgun. Employing these crude methods dramatically increases the chance of damaging your slide and breaking, bending or distorting the expensive new sights you just purchased.

Most front and rear handgun sights are installed by the factory using 60° dovetail joints. These dovetail joints are an extremely strong and effective way to hold front and rear sights in place. Removing factory installed sights is easier said than done and should be left to a professional gunsmith or machinist whenever possible. When manufacturers cut dovetail joints into each firearm the width of the joint can vary slightly depending on given tolerances. The makers of replacement sights are well aware of these varying tolerances in the width of dovetail joints in the slide so they manufacture their sights slightly larger to avoid a loose fit.

Replacement sights are almost always larger in width than the factory dovetail joint in your slide. Bashing your new sight into the smaller opening with a hammer should never be done. A professional gunsmith or machinist will custom fit your sights by carefully removing a small amount of material from the 60° joint until a .002-.003 press fit is obtained. This is the proper way to install a new set of sights and will ensure that there is no bending, breaking or distortion. Note: We always make every effort to remove the existing sights without damage. However, some sights are installed by the manufacturer so tightly that we cannot guarantee that the original sights will be functional for re-use after removal.

Custom front and rear handgun sight installation ranges between $25 - $75 depending on your particular firearm.

My staked front sight is loose on my 1911. Can you repair it?

Yes we can. Many 1911s and other firearms have staked in front sights. A staked in front sight has a tenon instead of a 60 degree dovetail which is peened into place. Staked in front sights can and will occasionally become loose. Special tools and skill is required to properly tighten this type of sight.

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