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Q. Can I have a firearm shipped to me from out of state into California?

A. Yes you can. This is called an FFL Transfer and must be completed between two Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers. Gunther Guns is a federally licensed dealer and we will be happy to process your transfer.

In order to complete an FFL transfer, the following is required:

1. The gun must be legal to possess in California. In the case of a hand gun, see link for approved models: Click here to check the Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale. In general, this applies to firearms with magazines that hold 10 rounds or less.

2. Complete a "FFL Transfer IN" form and pay Gunther Guns the transfer fee of $74 (this includes our $49 dealer fee and $25 DROS fee to run your background check).

3. Sales tax of 8% will be collected. Per the California State Board of Equalization, see link here, we are required to collect sales tax. In order to properly do so, you must provide a copy of your receipt showing price you paid to gun dealer shipping the gun into us.

4. A Firearms Shipment Approval Number is required. Whether the gun dealer (FFL) shipping the firearm to Gunther Guns is located within California or outside of California, that dealer must provide us with a Firearms Shipment Approval Number on packing slip and include a copy of the Shipment Approval Letter with the shipment. It is free for a dealer to enroll in the California Firearms Licensee Check (CFLC) program to obtain Firearms Shipment Approval numbers. They can enroll with the DOJ with this form: California Firearms Licensee Check (CFLC) Enrollment Application Form.

5. Other Paperwork. If purchasing a handgun, evidence of identity and age, proof of residency and handgun safety certificate apply. In the case of a long gun, evidence of identity and age applies. The 4473 form must be filled out and Gunther Guns will run background check and start the 10 day wait time.

6. Your name and contact information MUST be included in the shipment. If the sender of your firearm does include this information we will not know who the firearm belongs to. This could add many days of unnecessary delays.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We will contact you by phone when your firearm is ready for pick up. Please do not come into the store on the same day that your firearm was supposed to have arrived and expect it to be ready. We require two business days for receiving and processing paperwork.
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