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Will you turn over your standard capacity magazines to law-enforcement by July 2017? Lieutenant Governor and former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom is betting on the fact that you will. If his ballot measure passes this November, every law abiding citizen in California who possesses a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds after July 1, 2017 will be a criminal. Even those magazines that have been grandfathered in will have to be relinquished to law-enforcement to be destroyed. And now, thanks to his millionaire friends and anti-gun cronies, Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom is close to destroying what is left of the second amendment in California. Besides banning your magazines, here's what Gavin's anti-gun ballot initiative will also do. Ban online and mail order catalog ammunition direct purchases. Ban the importation of ammunition purchased out-of-state. Destroy virtually all small business ammo retailers with insane new regulations. Criminalize the sharing of ammunition between friends. Mandate a new $50 DOJ ammunition purchase permit and require that ammunition sales are recorded in a new gun owner database.


After the tragic terrorist attack in San Bernardino - law abiding citizens in California are naturally worried about their safety. At a time when good people throughout California are seeking to purchase firearms to protect their families our state government is planning on making it almost impossible to do so.

California Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Ban All Centerfire Semi-Auto Rifles

The terrorist attack in San Bernardino was the biggest loss of life to terrorism in the United States since 9/11. The attack took place in our state of California, a state with the strictest gun control laws, using firearms which were legally purchased. Naturally the first reaction of the gun control crowd — as is always the case — is to find the nearest microphone and claim [INSERT TRAGIC INCIDENT HERE] is just more proof that we need more and tougher gun control laws. Now, California Attorney General Kamala Harris (heir apparent for Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat and the nation’s best-looking AG) is leading the charge to, once and for all, ban all semi-auto rifles in the Golden State.

Over 40 million Americans enjoy recreational target shooting.

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Parent's Guide To Recreational ShootingRecreational shooting is 3 times safer than playing tennis.
In fact, it's a lot safer than concerned parents may believe.
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